Dielectric Ester Transformer Fluids: Extending the Life of Insulation

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Insulation deterioration is a leading cause of transformer failures. Over its lifetime, it will degrade when subject to high temperatures. The insulation paper is commonly made of cellulose. A byproduct of cellulose degradation is a higher water content in the oil. There is some evidence showing that the water that is present in the cellulose will auto-accelerate the aging in oil. Continue Reading →

Differences between Conventional and CSP Pole Mount Transformers

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If you have ever worked with pole mount transformers, you have most likely run into both CSP and conventional types. Have you wondered what each name means and how the two types differ from each other? CSP, or Completely Self Protected transformers contain several safeguards to avoid issues that would cause overloading or damage to the transformer. Conventional transformers do Continue Reading →

5 Ways to backup your critical transformers….on a budget!

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  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin Nobody wants to be caught staring at the black outer shell of what use to resemble one of their critical transformers, but in a day and age where Murphy’s Law seems to rule, it is always a possibility. The entire electric grid is dependent on transformers. Continue Reading →

The Reconditioning and Rewinding Process

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There are many reasons why you may need a new transformer. This could be due to a failing unit or increased power demands. UTB understands that the task of obtaining a new transformer can be daunting. Lead times on new units can occasionally be several months out. Rewinding or reconditioning a transformer can solve most of your issues. This can be beneficial Continue Reading →

Safety Around Pad-Mounted Transformers

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Everything You Need to Know to Stay Safe Pad-mounted transformers change high voltage electricity to lower voltages that are used by many household appliances. The mounted transformers are found on residential lawns or gardens. Which poses a safety problem for those who may come in close contact with the transformers. We have come up with a list of precautions you Continue Reading →

Different Types of Transformers

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And Their Unique Qualities Before we get into the different types of transformers, we want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what a transformer is and its function. Transformers are electrical devices that transfer electrical energy from one electric circuit to another, without changing the frequency. Here are some of the different transformers out there: Power Transformer Continue Reading →

5 Crazy Transformer Malfunctions

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You definitely don’t want this to happen to your transformers As dealers for used transformers, we take it very seriously when looking over our products to make sure that the product is quality, will work properly, and be as safely as possible when operating. Sometimes, mother nature just isn’t willing to work with what mankind has built. To prove our Continue Reading →

Basics Of Transformer Types

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What Do The Basic Transformer Types Actually Do? To provide an inside look into our business today we are going to cover the basics of different transformer types that make our electric system run. We’ll cover the basic types of transformers that we sell on a normal basis. 1. Pole Mounted Transformers Mounted on top of utility poles these transformers Continue Reading →

Keeping Transformers In Good Shape

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Are your transformers running smoothly? Used transformers take work to remain in good shape. They need consistent checkups and analysis to make sure that they will continue to run smoothly. Supplying a multitude of used transformers means that we understand the work that goes into this process. The most important thing in keeping your transformers healthy is to perform different Continue Reading →