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Case Studies

(2) GE 3750 kVA 12470 Delta to 480Y/277 Unit Substation Transformers
An Industrial customer in Virginia had a 3750 kVA transformer that was gassing badly and was a critical part of their manufacturing process. The customer asked UTB to quickly find a replacement before the in service transformer failed. UTB was able to locate and supply two New Matching units, one to replace the failing transformer and one as a spare. UTB delivered the transformers to the customer within a week of receiving the initial phone call.

FPE 12/16/20 MVA 161000 Delta to 13090Y/7560 Substation Transformer with LTC
A large utility in Nebraska needed to locate a transformer for one of their substations that was about to see a significant load increase. Their current transformer was too small to handle the increased load, so they contacted UTB to supply a larger transformer. Because of the time constraints on the project, the customer was looking for a used unit. UTB was able to provide a used transformer that had good maintenance records and tested excellent. The transformer was delivered well before the customers deadline.

(2) Waukesha 15/20/25 MVA 138000 Wye to 24940 Wye Substation Transformers
A Mine in Missouri asked UTB to find two transformers that would operate in parallel to replace one of their older substation units. The customer wanted new transformers but didn’t have enough money in their budget to buy new units from the factory. UTB was able to supply two identical units that were NEW surplus that fit within the customers budget. UTB handled everything from loading to the onsite assembly & testing.

Hevi Duty 18/24/30 MVA 138000 Delta to 24940Y/14400 Substation Transformer
A Utility in Texas had an oil company that was moving into their service area and needed power within a short time frame. The Utility needed to build a new substation for their customer and couldn’t wait for a new transformer to come from the factory. The Utility contacted UTB to help them source a good used transformer that could be supplied within the time frame needed. UTB was able to supply a transformer within the time frame needed so that the utility could service their customer.