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Sell Us Surplus

UTB is always in the market to buy good used or surplus new transformers. We buy substation transformers , station class transformers, pad mounted transformers, pole mounted transformers, generator step-up (GSU) transformers, auto transformers, mobile transformers, and auxillary transformers. We are members of the Investment Recovery Association and take pride in offering our customers competitive pricing along with a quick response time.

Competitive Price & Quick Pickup

With this option, UTB pays a competitive rate for your transformer(s) and schedules pickup for the soonest available date. This is for customers with time restraints on their project that need the transformer(s) removed as soon as possible, but still want a fair price.

For an offer on your transformers
Call: 855-214-0975

Maximum Return

With this option, UTB doesn’t buy your transformer(s) until we sell them, this allows us to give you the highest return possible, sometimes double or triple what we could normally pay. We do NOT require any contracts or commitments, just the approval to market your transformer(s). The price we can give you and amount of time it will take to sell depends on the marketability of your transformer(s) (Age, Condition, Voltage, etc..).

To find out the value of your transformers
Call: 855-214-0975